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At General Machine Works, we've been building quality into every job for over 100 years. Each machine product we build is designed to meet rigid quality control standards. Our success is based on competitive pricing and on-time delivery. We offer a complete range of services which include state of the art CNC equipment. We also offer conventional machining service - turning, milling, grinding, honing, welding and fabrication. The unique combination of CNC and conventional machines give us the versatility to run your parts on the equipment best suited to your requirements.

Service is reflected in every area of General Machine Works. As a customized job shop, we'll take your drawings and produce exactly what you require. If you're building a prototype, we will assist you by producing the necessary part for the design and implementation. Equipment alone is not enough to guarantee quality. The backbone of our company is a group of loyal, skilled, team-oriented employees whose goals are quality performance and customer service.

Our capabilities also include repair work and manufacturing parts for older pieces of equipment. A sizable inventory of various metals is maintained to accommodate customer needs and emergencies. We work with virtually any type of metal as well as plastics, and we can take the job from start to finish. General Machine Works' CNC equipment is ideal for close tolerance work and jobs that require repeatability. Our vertical machining centers offer a four axis capability for handling even the most complicated jobs.

The majority of our employees have spent most of their careers at General Machine Works. We feel that this makes a great difference in our products by assuring our customers of superior consistency, year after year.

Quality manufacturing. State of the art equipment. Skilled employees. Competitive pricing. On-time delivery. General Machine Works has a solid reputation and a history of performance. Our client base represents a wide range of industries, and we would appreciate the opportunity to include your company as one of our valued customers. When you need a manufacturing company that will work with you, call General Machine Works. We will get the job done, from start to finish. We have the track record to prove it.

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